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Whole is a 12-minute short film I created and directed at The National Film School of Denmark. It's a combination of puppet sets and 3D-animated characters, shot in stereoscopic cinemascope.

The film is inspired by how shamans are able to travel between two worlds and help regain your inner power.


The story revolves around MIRA, a 23 year old girl who has a heartache and feels empty inside. Her friend INGEBORG attempts to fill out Mira’s hole with vodka and parties, but they meet the 500 year old shaman ULRIK, a more holistic solution arises: Mira must find her inner power animal to regain her strength. But after being put into a drum-induced trance, Mira meets something entirely unexpected.

Everyone has a power animal. You just have to find it.





Watch the final film below. Be sure to click the 'CC' button to get english subtitles.

Directed by William Reynish Produced by Lina Flint Screenplay by Carina Kamper & William Reynish DOP Louise McLaughlin Production Design by Rasmus Trustrup Sound Design by Philip Flindt Music by Eske Nørholm Editing by Carla Luffe Starring Molly Blixt Egelind, Stephania Potaliv, Baard Owe, Anne Marie Helger Benjamin Hasselflug Set Design by Anne Dorthe Vester 

Tunnel Design by Marie Boye Thomsen Character Design by My Buemann & Sara Main Lindemann Character Animation by Lea Bøje, Anne Moth, Steffen Christensen & Kirsten Bay Construction by Anne Dorthe Vester, Rasmus Trustrup, Marianne Femerling, Mette Jakobsen, Kristina Olesen Drumming by B-Joe & Anette Høst Music Recording by David Springborg

Making the whole movie

Whole was created over a period of a year, from script writing, to storyboards and animation production.

We started off by being inspired by how shamans communicate with power animals and fleshed out the story from there.

In production, we used a combination of techniques to create the film, including photo's, camera mapping, sterescopic 3D and 3D-printing. We made use of Blender for animation, it's render engine Cycles for rendering, as well as Shapeways for 3D printing and the as an online renderfarm.

Model sets were photographed and mapped onto the backgrounds.

Models were 3D-printed and placed inside the sets for lighting reference and size comparison.

We used a combination of lazer-cutting and 3D-printing to assemble the sets.

Camera mapping was used to project the photos onto 3D surfaces.

Download Blender files

Click any of the characters below to download the file. Open them and manipulate them using the free 3d software Blender.